By Omar Akhtar, Analyst; with Mat Zucker and Charlene Li


Intended for content strategists, content marketers and executive leadership who are creating plans for using content to achieve business goals.

Executive Summary

By focusing more on the executional arms of content development and content marketing instead of a holistic content strategy, organizations can end up producing large volumes of content without a clear purpose or sense of direction. In addition, the different departments that deploy content can end up producing material with differing (and often competing) objectives. With limited resources and digital real estate for engaging customers, it's crucial that the entire organization work off a single, coherent content strategy that explicitly states who the brand's customer is, what is the major need or problem they have, and how the brand will fulfill that need using content. 

Through our research, we found that companies with successful content strategies had clarity around what they wanted the content to do for their customers and strong criteria for what they would and wouldn't publish. Our methodology for narrowing this focus for companies to choose one of five major content strategy archetypes:

  • Content as Presence
  • Content as a Window
  • Content as Currency
  • Content as Community
  • Content as Support

Key Findings

This report helps companies decide which archetype is best suited to help them deliver on a customer need while also meeting a business goal. It then walks through the sequence of steps that builds upon this archetype to create a formalized strategy that minimizes content waste, aligns multiple teams around a common vision and helps them deliver on a unified customer experience. 

Webcast Recording

It's not too late to learn about the insights shared by Omar Akhtar and Mat Zucker in their webinar, "Key Elements of Building a Content Strategy." Watch the recording here