Navigating the Content Marketing Vendor Landscape

By Rebecca Lieb, Industry Analyst


Intended for marketers and executives navigating the content marketing vendor landscape.

Executive Summary

The content marketing tool landscape is crowded, rapidly changing, and highly inconsistent. Evolution and change are rapid. Marketers struggle to select the right tools not only for their own content marketing needs, but also solutions that integrate with enterprise, process, and platform concerns. This report helps marketers make informed buying choices by mapping eight needs scenarios to the existing vendor landscape.

Key Findings

Complicating an already complicated set of choices is the fact that marketers still have a scattershot approach to content. Altimeter found that more than 70% of marketers say they lack a consistent or integrated content strategy. Other trends driving the complexity of the content marketing tools decision include the following: 

  • Content creation pressure
  • Lack of strategy begets tool proliferation
  • Lack of enterprise integration
  • Misaligned buyer needs versus planned investments