Choosing the Right Customer Experience Management Platform 

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By Omar Akhtar, industry analyst, Altimeter

A “customer experience” management (CEM) platform needs to serve the needs of the customer at every stage in the journey from awareness to purchase and post-purchase. And, it needs to deliver relevant content, at the right time, on the right channel, based on the data-proven needs of the customer.

This report is a guide to evaluating, and choosing the customer experience management platform that best suits your company’s chosen customer experience approach. In the report, we identified four customer experience archetypes that companies can choose depending on business objectives, customers’ needs, and operating environments. The goal is to find a CEM whose strengths and unique capabilities match the CX archetype that your company prioritizes. The guide is based on an analysis of the specific features and strengths each vendor has, rather than a ranking of who offers the most solutions in one suite.


Omar Akhtar

Industry analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company

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Choosing the Right Customer Experience Management Platform